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Our fully managed UNIX servers give you all the benefits of a dedicated server, with the simplicity of shared hosting. Manage your server using our web based control panel and let us take care of the technical side of things. Additional software may be installed and all configuration options set to your requirements.

Our friendly team is always on hand to manage your machine, ensure it is running optimally, apply security patches and give informed advice and guidance when you need it. Whilst huge stocks of spare hardware, an unrivalled SLA and total commitment to network redundancy assure the availability of your online presence.



Based on the secure FreeBSD operating system, your server is supplied with a comprehensive suite of software installed, whilst custom software may be added for total flexibility. The same time honoured configuration used on our own hosting servers is used, meaning that you benefit from our unique innovations in hosting technology whilst if upgrading from one of our shared or reseller hosting accounts will retain all the features you are used to.
Dedicated servers with apache web server pre-installed  

Apache Web Server
Host unlimited sites with full PHP, Perl CGI, FrontPage, SHTML and SSL support. A comprehensive set of Apache, PHP and Perl modules are preinstalled and any additional modules or software you require may be added. Unique features developed in house for our reseller hosting servers increase mass hosting efficiency and segregate your customers from each other for ultimate security. You have full access to all configuration options on a server and per site level.

Unlimited mySQL databases with your Donhost dedicated server mySQL Database Server
Version 4 of the enterprise class mySQL database server is installed. Create an unlimited number of databases and user accounts. Full root access permitting any level of customisation.


Managed servers with all email software pre-installed Mail Server
Qmail mail server supports unlimited domains, mailboxes, auto-responders and forwarders. POP3, IMAP, SMTP and web based access to your mail.
Anti-virus software included as standard with our UNIX dedicated servers Clam Anti-Virus
All messages are scanned for viruses as they are received by your server. New virus definitions are checked for and updated automatically ensuring that no virus bearing email can make it into your mailboxes.
Comprehensive graphical usage statistics with our linux dedicated servers Webalizer Graphical Stats
Graphical web site access statistics for all your sites. Raw log files may also be downloaded and additional statistics software installed.
FTP access to all sites hosted on your dedicated server FTP server
Create unlimited FTP accounts to upload data to your sites or for public or private file distribution.
Personalised name server hostnames for your dedicated server DNS server
Name servers with hostnames in the format on which to host your domains. You have complete control over the DNS zones for your sites.
Install any software you desire and configure it as required on your dedicated server Install & Configure Software As Required
You can install any compatible software to supplement that included as standard and configure it as required.


Management & Support
With full server management, previously unheard of in this price bracket, included free of charge with our servers, you get all the benefits of a dedicated server with none of the pitfalls. We take care of the technical side of things including applying security patches and configuring software leaving you free to get on with running your business. Our team is always available to listen sympathetically and give informed advice and guidance, in friendly understandable terms, by telephone or e-mail at no extra charge. It's like having your own in house team of system and software engineers!

Configure your dedicated server using our easy to use web based control panel Control Panel
Our exclusive web based control panel software is installed, allowing you to control all aspects of your server from a graphical interface. Operating a Ariapake dedicated server is as easy as operating a shared hosting account.
Instantly reboot your dedicated server using our electronically controlled power outlets
Instant Reboot
Your server's power supply is provided by an electronically controlled socket, should you need to reboot your server, you can do this instantly from a web based interface. You no longer have to wait for a member of staff to visit your server.
Full root level access to your dedicated server via Telnet or SSH
SSH & Telnet Access
Full administrative level shell access is available to you for completing software installation, configuration and server management tasks. You can also set-up restricted shell accounts for your clients which have access to their sites and data only.
We apply all security patches to your dedicated server Security Patches & Hotfixes
We monitor news and developments relating to the software installed on your server and receive notification from vendors as security vulnerabilities are discovered. Our engineers will apply any needed patches and take mitigating action where necessary to maintain the integrity of your server. You may opt out of this service.
Your dedicated server is constantly monitored and tuned for optimum performance by our team of skilled technicians
Monitoring & Tuning
Regular checks and audits will be made of your server. Server configuration will be optimised for both performance and security to suit your applications, we will bring to your attention any potential problems such as resource starvation and propose corrective action. You may opt out of this service.
UK based dedicated servers with cutting edge features Software Upgrades & New Features
Much of the software installed on your server is actively developed with new functionality being added regularly, we will periodically upgrade the software on your server, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology. Our in house development team is constantly improving our proprietary control panel and hosting software based on feedback from customers, as new features are rolled out to our shared hosting platform, they will also be added to your dedicated server.
24hr technical support for your dedicated server 24hr Technical Support
Our devoted team is on hand all day, every day, to solve your problems and tend to your needs by telephone and email for no extra charge. Comprehensive, searchable documentation is available in our support centre and from your control panel.


Network & Data Centre

Rest assured that your dedicated server will be online all the time with our industry leading SLA 100% Uptime Guaranteed
As RIPE members, we have our own IP and AS number assignments and consequently are not reliant on any one other company for our Internet connectivity. Our data centres are serviced by fibre from multiple telecoms providers and all network equipment is duplicated, enabling us to guarantee and achieve 100% uptime as part of our service level agreement.
Your dedicated server is hosted in our secure UK based data centre
Purpose Built Data Centre
Your server is housed in our own purpose built data centre, benefiting from UPS and generator power backup, strict environmental control and high levels of security. Unlike many providers who locate their equipment in shared facilities, we own and operate our data centre and our staff work onsite. Since you are not dealing with a middle man, you benefit from instant response to problems demanding onsite attendance and we do not rely on any other company to keep your server running.
Cheap UK data transfer and bandwidth for your dedicated server Flexible Data Transfer Options
You may monitor your data transfer usage in real time via your control panel and configure email alerts when your server is projected to exceed the included quota. Should you need more data transfer we can charge you for the extra as you use it, or you may increase or decrease your quota at any time using NetBlox with prices starting at just 200000 Rial per GB.
Your managed server is protected by redundant cisco firewalls Fully Managed Cisco Firewall
All traffic from the Internet is filtered by redundant Cisco hardware. Unwanted and malicious traffic is blocked at the network level, reducing your data transfer usage and providing protection from hackers, viruses, worms and trojans.
Dedicated, static IP addresses for your managed dedicated server 2 IP Addresses
Two unique IP addresses are allocated to your server. You have control over the reverse DNS names of your IPs. An unlimited number of sites may be hosted on one IP address, however subject to the guidelines of the IP issuing authority, an unlimited number of additional addresses may be added to your server.


All manufacturers argue that their hardware is the best, but our years of experience mean we really do know which components are most reliable and perform best in a demanding server environment. Each of our dedicated servers is built from branded components and tested to our uncompromising specification, assuring rock solid performance and dependability.

Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron UK dedicated servers Intel Processor & Chipset
A fast Intel processor is at the heart of your machine giving quick dependable performance for your online applications. Whilst more expensive, Intel chips generate little heat and thus have greater reliability than those of other manufacturers making them the only choice for mission critical applications.
UK dedicated servers with DDR memory DDR Memory
A generous amount of the latest DDR memory. When memory is not being used by your applications it will automatically be utilised to cache frequently accessed files and data giving an additional speed boost.
High performance, reliable data storage with Donhost dedicated servers Hot Swappable Seagate Hard Disk Drives
Fast disk space in which to store your files and data. The strain placed on the drive's moving parts by constant operation in a server environment makes the selection of this component critical. We have found the consistency and performance of Seagate disks to be unmatched, even by other big name manufacturers, which is why we specify them for all our machines.
Your valuable data protected by hardware disk redundancy Hardware RAID Controller
Hyper Velocity Server includes the 3ware RAID controller card which mirrors writes to your hard disks and speeds up file access by balancing read requests across both drives. In the event of a disk failure, all requests are served by the remaining drive, the operation of your server is uninterrupted and no data is lost. Again without interrupting the operation of the server, the failed disk is replaced and the data on it rebuilt to restore redundancy. Beware of software based RAID and disk mirroring systems, these cheaper but more error prone solutions are not adequate for use in a mission critical environment.
Instant replacement dedicated server in the event of hardware failure Instant Hardware Replacement
We guarantee as part of out market leading service level agreement to always keep a standby server, installed, configured and powered up, ready to hand over to you instantly in the unlikely event that your machine suffers a hardware failure.
Daily tape backup for your managed dedicated server Data Backup
Hyper Velocity Server includes hardware based disk mirroring (RAID) providing protection against hardware failure. We also offer a daily tape backup option, data on your server is transferred to magnetic tapes every day with tapes stored off site. Individual files may be restored should you accidentally delete them and the entire machine may be restored in the event of a more serious problem.

We offer two UNIX Server options, both of which include all the software, management and network featues listed above, differing only in their hardware specification. Velocity Server is suitable for most uses, whilst Hyper Velocity Server benefits from greater capacity and RAID disk mirroring for the most demanding applications.

Both servers are available on monthly, quarterly or annual billing cycles with no set-up fee or minimum contract, you can terminate at anytime. If you need any advice choosing the most appropriate option, or would like a quotation for a custom specification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Velocity Server
2Ghz Intel Celeron Processor
512MB DDR Memory
40GB Hard Disk Drive
20GB Monthly Data Transfer


1,990,000   Rial


19,900,000 Rial

Hyper Velocity Server
2.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Processor
1GB DDR Memory
2 x 60GB Hard Disk Drives
Hardware RAID Controller
40GB Monthly Data Transfer


3,600,000   Rial


36,000,000 Rial




With full support for ASP, .NET framework, ODBC database connectivity and the freedom to install your own software and extensions, our Windows 2003 servers meet the needs of the most demanding developer.

Standard Features

  • Windows 2003 Web Edition
  • IIS 6 Web Server
  • FTP Server
  • SMTP Server
  • SSL Secure Server
  • Active Server Pages
  • .NET Framework
  • ODBC Database Connectivity
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
  • Terminal Services Access
  • Full Administrator Level Privileges
  • 2 IP Addresses

he system management services offered with our UNIX dedicated servers are not included with our Windows 2003 dedicated servers. The server will be supplied with the operating system installed and we will maintain the server hardware, however system management, including the application of security patches will be your responsiblity.

Velocity Windows
2Ghz Intel Celeron Processor
512MB DDR Memory
40GB Hard Disk Drive
20GB Monthly Data Transfer
  Price Setup


3,900,000   Rial 6,000,000 Rial


45,900,000 Rial FREE
Hyper Velocity Windows
2.8Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Processor
1GB DDR Memory
2 x 60GB Hard Disk Drives
Hardware RAID Controller
40GB Monthly Data Transfer
  Price Setup


5,300,000     Rial 6,500,000 Rial


63,000,000 Rial FREE


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